How to Gauge the Reputation and Reliability of a New Mechanic

When it comes to mechanics and automotive shops, there are thousands of good guys out there, with good intentions and honest work ethics. However, for every good guy, there’s always someone that might rip you off with overcharges, ridiculous fees, and bogus car issues. If you’ve been taken by bad mechanics one too many times, here are a few tips to gauging the reputations and reliabilities of a new mechanic.

Ask Your Auto-Savvy Buddies About Their Go-To Mechanics

If you have an auto-savvy, car-loving buddy or two, ask them who their go-to mechanics are. Get names, phone numbers, addresses, and references. Ask about their work ethics, services, prices, and labor fees (because that’s where most bad mechanics add too much money to your bill).

Read Reviews, Call Around, and Be Picky

When looking for a good mechanic, don’t be afraid to be picky. It’s your money, your car, and both are big deals in YOUR life. Therefore, make calls to the local mechanics with reputable, excellent reviews. Read up on their reputations, ask around the community for pros and cons, and really get to know a mechanic’s work ethic and background on a personal level.

Check Offered Specialties and Services

Most reputable mechanics work in a professional, clean automotive shop, with great reviews and good customer service. With that said, this means specialties and services need to be checked out for the entire shop. Learn what they can and cannot do, like brake repair Addison TX. Or, better yet, what they will and will not accept. You need to know if your car will be taken care of before you waste the gas to get there.

Pick a Courteous Mechanic with Good Manners and a Helpful Attitude

The best mechanics are nothing like you see on television. They are courteous and helpful with good manners and positive attitudes. Sure, they might tell you some bad news, but it won’t be in a rude manner that makes you feel dumb. The last thing you want is a condescending mechanic that takes pleasure in making their customers look like an idiot. Not everyone knows the ins and out of their cars. That’s what a mechanic is there for.

The most important thing to remember when you pursue a good, reliable mechanic is to look for ASE Certified Shops. These shops hire the best in professional, courteous automotive technicians. Therefore, you are guaranteed a good experience that won’t bust your bank account or make you feel bad about your car knowledge, or lack thereof.