Baby on Board: Roadway Elements Protecting Your Family

Buckle your baby into his or her car seat, and you’re ready to take on a road trip. Your car has plenty of safety options, including the car seat. However, most drivers don’t think much about the exterior elements that are helpful too. Take a close look at these elements that are commonplace on the roadways today. One of them might save a life tomorrow.

Barrels Galore

You’ve probably seen those yellow barrels on the freeway in the past. They might be full of water or sand, depending on the area’s design choices. These barrels are actually barriers in case of a vehicle impact. The interior materials and air create a relatively safe area for cars to decelerate. There will be vehicle damage, but the impact is far less than striking a fixed item, such as a pole.

Vehicle Attachments

As you drive along a highway, you see many signs advertising certain products or services. A sign that stands out might read “attenuator trucks for sale.” These vehicles house a bracket system with a highway sign attached to them. Those vehicles with an arrow pointing in a certain direction might be struck by another car, but both parties can be safe with the attenuator in place.

Raised Dots

Many regions have raised dots as lane dividers on the road. You may not pay much attention to them, but they’re serving a real purpose. If you drift within your lane, the tires strike those dots. They instantly alert you to a problem, and you correct the vehicle’s position. Safe travels are achieved. Without the dots, you might strike another vehicle. In a worst-case scenario, a head-on collision is possible.

The latest car models come with many safety features that often involve alarms or signals. Although it helps to have an alarm when it comes to someone in your blind spot, that feature shouldn’t take the place of turning your head. Keep your child in mind as you cruise down the road. Safe driving still stems from a good driver with stellar skills.