Stages Of Labels For Vehicle Certification

When a vehicle receives a vehicle certification label, it is a statement from the manufacturer that it meets certain guidelines as specified by federal law. There are several different labels which can be applicable during the stages of auto manufacturing. Here is a breakdown of what they are and what they mean.

IVD- This label is used in conjunction with incomplete vehicles and stands for Incomplete Vehicle Document. This label is applicable in situations where the individual components do not qualify to be regarded as an incomplete vehicle, such as a chassis. The label will include such information as the IV manufacturer, Weight Ratings for both Gross Vehicle and Gross Axle. It will also include the VIN number.

Intermediate Stage Labels- These are handled by anyone who is not the IV manufacturer or the final stage manufacturer who handles a vehicle manufacturing process that has two or more stages. It is considered the most difficult to do properly as it is very paperwork intensive. The original IVD and an addendum to the IVD must be included in the paperwork.

Final Stage Label- This is the stage where the manufacturer creates a finished vehicle from an incomplete vehicle. There are several different colored labels which may be used for the final stage. These labels include:

Yellow- This is the preferred label to use as it signifies conformance to all federal standards and also is in compliance with the original IV label.

White- This label is used when modifications have been made which are substantially different from the original IV label. It is still in compliance with all federal guidelines.

Orange- This label is used when certain parts of the vehicle, such as the chassis, are modified to the point where they are no longer considered OEM but do not yet reach the state where they have invalidated the original IV label.

Altered Stage- This label signifies that something has been modified on the vehicle from its original state. Such examples would include the removal of a truck box or the addition of a snow plow before it has been cleared for original sale.

As you can see there are many labels which can be used, all of the dependent on which situation or state of vehicle is being labelled. Make sure to read further into more in-depth guidelines which apply to each individual colored label.