Some Ideas For When You Need Auto Repairs.

Do you need to have your car fixed? Do you worry it will in the future? You probably also know what it feels like when you just don’t know what to do if a problem occurs. How do you know? Read further to gain knowledge regarding all of your auto repair needs.

An emergency kit is a must for your car. Your kit should include jumper cables, tire changing tools and maybe some extra gas. Also pack a few blankets, some batteries, and a good flashlight.

Monitor your radiator. Let the car run a while, shut off the engine and then pop the hood. Never, ever open the radiator while the car is still on. Look to see what the fluid level is (use a dipstick), and remember that coolant needs to have a bit of water added prior to entering your radiator.

You can easily find an auto mechanic that is good if you get referred to them. Get recommendations from family and friends. You can learn a lot about the overall quality of a person’s work, the price, and the level of customer satisfaction. People will let you know what kind of things they had to deal with and if the person was honest.

Whenever you have your vehicle repaired, ensure you maintain an adequate record, regardless of the reason why you are having repairs. If further issues develop later, the mechanic may want to see the historical documentation of what has already been done. Your car problems may be harder to find and you may have higher repair costs without the records.

Try to get OEM parts for your car. This means that they’ve come directly from the manufacturer. It can cost a lot less to use parts that are generic, but you won’t get the most out of these things after a while. It may cost you more in the end to use generic parts even though you save money now.

Check and make sure that your mechanic is familiar with working on your type of car. Although cars are generally similar in some ways, there are big differences between models. If you are unsure, pay the extra to have a dealer do the repairs.

Make sure that you always keep a spare tire and jack in your vehicle. Most of the new cars of today have them in the trunk. This way you won’t get stuck anywhere and need to pay someone to tow you. It’s less of a headache and cheaper to do it by yourself.

If you have to have a big repair done, get multiple estimates. It will help you find the best price available from a trustworthy mechanic. Find a shop that specializes in your particular make of car. These types of shops will give you the best bang for your buck.

Learn to change your taillights and headlights. It’s easy in some vehicles, and it’s a lot cheaper than having someone else do it. Ask for help from friends and family.

Keep washing your vehicle, even in winter. Winter is actually the season when your car’s exterior gets the most damage. Sand and salt can cause rust and abrasions. Always dry the vehicle off, though, before you take it out for a spin so that the water doesn’t turn into ice.

You should apply these tips to take good care of your vehicle or find a mechanic who can do it for you. Of course, you’re going to need to continue getting knowledge about these things. Stay confident knowing that you’ve taken steps that will prove extremely beneficial to you down the road.

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Car Having Problems? Check Out These Tips

Learning about car repair and picking a good mechanic might seem like a lot of work. Luckily, this piece is full of useful ideas to help you begin. Launch yourself on a learning curve about car repair. Save on future repair costs because of what you learn here.

Keeping a battery charger in your car is a good safety investment. Dead batteries happen a lot, and you can provide assistance to others if you keep a charger on hand. Know where the cables should be connected and how. It is sometimes different for different cars.

When you arrive at a repair shop, don’t be afraid to ask questions. These questions should be geared around the problems that you faced and what actions you can take so that they will not happen again. One of the best ways to save on car maintenance is to prevent problems in the first place. A little money spent for prevention can save thousands in the future.

5 Common Misconceptions About Auto Repairs

There are countless stereotypes surrounding the auto industry, especially when it comes to mechanics and auto repair shops. But you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Here are five common misconceptions about auto repairs and why you should ignore them.

  1. All auto repair shops are the same. Not all auto repair shops are created equal. The automotive industry is constantly changing, and mechanics need to keep up to date with the latest technologies. Because of this, it’s probably worth your time to shop auto repair centers to find the one that best suits your needs. Don’t just settle for a shop that is most convenient to your location.

  1. Most auto repair shops will try to rip you off. A common misconception is that mechanics suggest more repairs to increase their profits. In reality, however, it’s the mechanic’s job to thoroughly inspect your car and draw attention to any areas of concern. A mechanic who suggests additional repairs is trying to save you money down the road.

  1. You can get an accurate quote over the phone. While it may be easiest to call different auto repair centers and get prices over the phone, odds are these estimates will not be accurate. It is difficult to diagnose a problem without inspecting or test driving a vehicle. While it may be frustrating to physically take your car into different shops, this is the only way to get an accurate price estimate.

  1. Suggested maintenance schedules are designed to rip you off. Some consumers believe that suggested maintenance schedules are merely a way for dealerships and auto repair shops to make more money. However, it’s usually best to follow the advice of your mechanic when it comes to routine maintenance and repairs. These timelines are designed to ensure your car runs efficiently and safely.

  1. Auto repairs can wait. If there’s something wrong with your car, take it into the shop. Don’t ignore an engine light or think that the problem isn’t that severe or that it may fix itself. The truth is, when a light or alarm goes off, your car is trying to tell you something is wrong. It’s important to take your car into the shop and have it checked out right away. Waiting to fix the issue may cause more damage and cost you more money.

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How to Save Money When Buying a Classic Car

Lovers of classic cars always hear stories about people who randomly stumbled across their dream cars in a junkyard or an old barn, but that probably won’t happen to you. Whether you have your heart set on a 1966 Mustang or a classic Mercedes 190 SL, you need to do your research and look for people willing to sell those cars. Vintage models can go for thousands of dollars and based on demand, some may sell for more than the blue book price. Though you might have your heart set on one specific model, you can still save money on the vintage classic that touches your heart.

Look at Condition

Before you start your hunt, decide on exactly what you want. Do you want a car that is in running order and can hit the streets today, or would you settle for one that requires a little extra work before you can take it for a spin? Classic car collectors spend thousands of dollars and more restoring this beauties, and if you want one in perfect working condition, you’ll need to spend more. Purchasing one that has some rust damage, a few dings or needs repairs that you can do by yourself can help you save.

Search for Mistakes

Searching for mistakes in listings can help you buy a classic car for a fraction of its worth. Sellers who are unfamiliar with what they have might make mistakes like listing the wrong year or manufacturer or even spelling the name of the manufacturer wrong like putting a “Z” in Mercedes instead of the “S” that belongs there. As more time goes by without collectors finding those listings and making offers, the sellers might think they have something worthless and take less for those cars.

Feel Confident Comprising

When looking for vintage cars, you need to think with your head and not your heart. Even if you want the same car you learned how to drive in or the same truck you had your first date in, don’t be afraid to compromise on what you want. Instead of buying a vehicle in the same paint color, you might buy one and repaint it. You can also consider searching for vehicles that are a few years older or younger that might cost less. Being smart as you shop can help you get a bargain on a classic car.

2016 G550 – Reviewing the New Classic from Mercedes Benz

Over the years, the Mercedes-Benz G-class series, also known as the Geländewagen, has built a reputation for being one of the more noticeable and unique lines of SUVs, having established an unmistakable identity with the brand over the past 37 years. While the engineers at Mercedes have done an excellent job of staying true to the original body’s design theme, they’ve also done a remarkable job of innovating and updating the vehicle with each new model. The 2016 G550 is no exception, with a 4.0-liter V-8 engine that provides 450 lb-ft of torque and 416 horsepower. That’s a considerable improvement over last year’s engine parts which were less efficient and less powerful, with a 5.5-liter V-8 producing only 382 HP/391 lb-ft.

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  • Embracing the Signature Look, Equipped with Better Parts

With each new G-class model you can expect to see that boxy and bold look that the model has become known for. Mercedes’ G550 body stays in its lane while getting notable enhancements over its predecessors. First, you’ll notice the engine effortlessly revs up to the redline at 6300-RPM while emitting a quieter sound from the vehicle’s dual side-exiting exhaust system, which still begs to be noticed but isn’t nearly as disruptive as the previous year’s version. Even with more than 5,800 pounds of solid Mercedes Benz parts and frame on board, this G550 manages to outdo the 2015 edition in acceleration, reaching 60 mph in just 5.7 seconds.

  • Entry Level Luxury Nothing to Scoff at

Surprisingly, Mercedes’ G550 is the least of its siblings yet still carries a price tag of $120,000+. The seven-speed automatic transmission is powerful, but it pales in comparison to the Mercedes AMG G65, which starts at only $20,000 higher and packs a much stronger punch. That explains why the latter model accounts for more than half of the Mercedes Benz G-class sales in the U.S. However, if the extra Mercedes performance parts equipped aren’t really a top priority for you, the exterior and interior parts and aesthetics of the G550 are comparable to the AMG G65, as both have the same fancy center stack and instrument cluster. Plus, the 4×4 G550 can hold its own in rough terrain just fine with a superb suspension system and drivetrain setup.

  • Not a Powerhouse But Reliable Nonetheless

While the G550 isn’t in the same league as its robust G65 counterpart in terms of performance and power, it is about $100,000 less than the V-12 version of that model ($20k less was compared to V-8 G65). And remember to keep in mind, (for either AMG G65 version) you’d always be spending a premium on the Mercedes performance parts catalog. Not that anything of the brand is particularly ‘cheap’, but it’s worth checking Mercedes Benz parts online to gauge the general price differences between the models. The auto parts for either Mercedes G-Class versions will all carry the same quality and reliability.

Even with the cheaper price tag, the G550 is slightly more efficient with a 14 MPG fuel economy versus just 13 MPG for the G65. With all these things in mind, the G550 seems to be the wiser choice for a casual driver who won’t be going much beyond the confines of regulated roads and highways.

  • Luxurious Yet Rugged

Furthermore, the 4-wheel-drive version is strong enough to bring you through the muck without leaving you stuck, so the G550 4×4 is still suitable for areas with rough weather or even the occasional off-roading adventure.

The Mercedes Benz G550 is a great vehicle, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else Mercedes Benz releases for its G-Class in the future.