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Don’t Give Up on Your Vehicle

You may feel like your current vehicle doesn’t suit your needs, but you hate to think of purchasing something new. This is especially true if you have your current car or truck paid for. No one wants to have a monthly payment unless it is necessary. Before you rush out to your local dealership, consider some of these alternatives first.

I Want the Extras

If your car is older, you may not have some of the new technology found on the latest models. Stop yourself before you rush out to buy a new vehicle and ask yourself exactly what it is you wish you had. A GPS system can be easily installed into most cars. In fact, many features can be added to older cars and trucks to update them. Aftermarket products make this a very affordable option whether you want cruise control or hands free calling.

My Space is Useless

Many families outgrow their vehicles over time. Did your SUV work perfectly for summer vacations with the toddlers but now seems cramped with a group of teenagers along? Consider adding a hitch that can pull a trailer along behind for all that extra luggage. Did your pick-up seem wonderful for a couple, but you have no room for anything extra now that there’s a baby along? A Bakflip G2 Tonneau cover from BVP Braodview Parts could give you that extra space.

This Isn’t My Style

Jumping into a loan for a new car simply because you no longer like the look of your current vehicle doesn’t always make sense or fit into your budget. Having the exterior re-painted in a color you love will certainly be less expensive than something totally new. Shop around your area for quotes on how much it would cost. You may even find a good deal by contacting the local career center’s auto body class.

If you can solve the basic issues that are making you unhappy with your current vehicle, you may be able to save money by avoid a new car payment. There are certain instances where you may have to start shopping for something different, but these solutions just may solve your problem for less money than you expected.

How To Find The Right Robotic Parking Systems Company

At some point, many business owners realize that they are in need of robotic parking systems services. If this is the case for you, you probably want to know which strategies you need to implement to find the right company. One key to success is knowing which attributes the most exceptional businesses will have. Here are three of them:

1. Substantive Experience Within The Parking Systems Sector.

One attribute that the best robotic parking systems companies will have is extensive experience within the sector. The longer the company professionals have been operating in the field in question, the more knowledge and experience they have attained. The end result is typically the company’s ability to answer your questions quickly and correctly while providing you with the customized solutions necessary to optimize your company’s parking processes. Note that the company Unitronics has been providing robotic parking system services for over three decades. They also offer other helpful services and products, including parking garage lifts.

2. Outstanding Online Reviews.

In addition to seeking out a robotic parking systems company whose professionals have extensive experience within the industry, make sure that you locate a team of experts who regularly attain outstanding online reviews. Note that online reviews are a wonderful way for you to obtain relatively accurate, up to date information regarding what other people think about the robotic parking company’s level of service and product quality. If you come across a robotic parking company that regularly receives incredible feedback in the form of online reviews or customer testimonials, it’s safe to say that they’ll provide you with the exemplary assistance you deserve and desire.

3. Operator Benefits.

One final attribute that you should seek out in a robotic parking systems company is operator benefits. Attaining these benefits can help your business function more smoothly and economically. One operator benefit you should seek out is energy cost savings that will result from reduced ventilation and lighting requirements. Some of the other operator benefits you should try to obtain include personnel cost savings, insurance premium savings, and maintenance cost savings.


If you’re serious about locating the right robotic parking systems company for your organization, know that making your search strategic can be the key to success. One way to make the search strategic is by knowing which attributes you should seek out in a company. Three of them are outlined above. Once you find a robotic parking system company that possesses all three of these attributes, know that you’re working with the right people!

Auto Repair Palatine IL

The auto repair Palatine IL vehicle owners sometimes need isn’t always as obvious as a smoking engine or a car that won’t start. Some vehicle owners may get an inkling that something is “sort of off” with their vehicle while others are sometimes unaware of early signs that attention may be necessary. Here are some of those not-so-obvious clues you’ll want to look out for to know when your vehicle may need some repairs.

1. Difficult Handling

Misaligned wheels and power steering fluid leaks are some of the minor issues that can make it more difficult to handle turns or adjust to different road conditions while driving. It’s important to pay attention to noticeable handling problems since serious structural issues with your vehicle may also be involved; and so you’ll be prepared for times when you need precise control of your vehicle.

2. Trouble ‘Getting Up to Speed’

It’s understandable for a vehicle to sometimes have trouble getting up a very steep hill, but it shouldn’t be something you experience on a fairly regular basis. Also be mindful of noticeable “thuds” or similar sounds when shifting gears and gear shifts that don’t go smoothly. Sluggish movements are sometimes due to uncommon internal issues such as a clogged air flow meter or a malfunctioning oxygen sensor.

3. Delayed Movements

It’s not normal for your vehicle to need a moment before it moves forward as you step on the pedal or ease into your parking spot. Repeatedly having to deal with long pauses when shifting out of park is another sign something’s not right within your vehicle or under the hood.

4. Slipping Transmission

There are many possible signs of a transmission problem, some less obvious than others. For instance, you may be driving in one gear and notice that your vehicle changes gears for no apparent reason. Or, you may hear whining sounds as you drive or notice changes in the pitch of your engine’s sound. Transmissions issues could also be why your vehicle’s not accelerating as it should.

Knowing when to bring your vehicle into an auto repair shop like Discount Muffler, Brake & Automotive can ultimately save you time and money. If you are proactive about your repair needs, you’re also less likely to have major issues to deal with, especially if a problem is identified and corrected sooner rather than later. And you’re also less likely to have to go without your vehicle when you need it most.

Taking Care of Your Car

Owning a vehicle can bring tremendous joy and freedom. There is nothing like getting behind the wheel and setting out on a spontaneous road trip. Using your car to take a family vacation or travel to a new destination can be exciting. It is important to take care of your car. Maintaining your car will keep it in prime condition. Here are some tips to help you protect your car as it ages.

Perform Routine Maintenance
You should be aware of common car problems that can arise as cars begin to age. When your car acquires a good bit of miles, you should make sure to have the belts and filters checked. You may be able to prevent costly auto repairs in the future. Taking a proactive approach to car maintenance can save you from having an unexpected disaster. Keep a log of all repair services that are performed on your car and ask a trusted mechanic about any potential problems. If you notice a dashboard light that is signaling a problem, be sure to have it checked out immediately.

Take Care of Repairs from Accidents
Mechanics routinely provide estimates for damages that occur from automobile accidents. These estimates are used to obtain settlements from the insurance company. When you inquire about the estimate you are provided with, you should be careful to obtain details about the materials that the mechanic will be using to repair the damages. Mechanics sometimes substitute parts that are difficult to find. You may want to use services, such as a headlight bulb finder, to find the specific items that you need. Replacing your car with new or improved materials can help your car retain top value.

Keep It Clean
Many people begin to neglect the condition of their vehicle over time. It is important to continue to pay attention to your vehicle’s appearance. You should wash it carefully each week. If your car is exposed to weather elements, then be sure to watch out for chipped paint and other blemishes. You can find products that will help you treat these issues as they arise.

The excitement of driving home a new vehicle is exciting, and it can be difficult to stay committed to caring for your car after the excitement has worn off. However, the extra attention will bring you top dollar when you trade your car in.

Ways to Sell Your Car

Have you been driving the same car for a very long time? Does it have a lot of miles on it? Older cars usually need to be repaired more frequently. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to buy a newer car with low mileage on it. You will need to sell your current car before you can even think of buying a new one. You obviously want to get the most money possible for your car. The method you choose to sell your car will play a large role in determining how much money you end up getting. Here are some methods to sell your car that you will need to consider.

1. Place an ad on an online classifieds site.

Yes, you could place an ad in the classifieds section of your local newspaper. However, your goal should be to have your car ad seen by the most people possible. Therefore, placing an ad online on one of the many classifieds sites will allow many people to see the ad who do not live in your local area. Some people might be willing to travel to your city if they want your car bad enough. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by placing the ad on as many classifieds sites as you can find. Many of these sites do not charge a fee for placing an ad.

2. Place an ad on an auction website.

Another option you should think about is using an auction site. This is different than a classifieds site because people interested in buying your vehicle will not need to call you and negotiate a price. They can simply bid on your car. You can even choose a price that allows a person to immediately buy the car and stop the bidding. However, you need to realize that the auction website will take a percentage of the selling price as their fee.

3. You can contact a company that buys used vehicles.

Do you want to get cash for your car in Seattle? If this is the case, there are many companies you can call that specialize in buying used cars. For the most part, the process is very simple. It will require very little effort on your part. They will give you a price for your car. If you agree, they will come to your home and pick it up.