Auto Tech You Didn’t Know Existed

If you have been driving the same vehicle for 2 or more years, you likely have missed out on finding out about new technologies auto manufactures have integrated into their latest models. While some technologies may only be available with luxury vehicles, it’s only a matter of time before many of these technologies become standard as has recently occurred with back up or rear cameras.

Driver Override Systems

You may already be familiar with this type of technology with features like Collision Mitigation or Brake Override. Essentially, the car makes the final decision on the action taken in certain situations. This type of technology would take action when you don’t or override your action if it deems it the incorrect action to take. This is most useful in avoiding crashes. If you are about to rear-end someone, you may accidentally push the accelerator, but with this technology, your car will brake to a complete stop. You may or may not like the idea of giving this type of control to your vehicle, but this is sure to become standard at some point in the near future. Other safety and convenience features are closely tied to this type of technology.

Remote Vehicle Shutdown

When our vehicles shut down on us because of engine failure of some sort, it’s usually a bad thing. However, when your vehicle shuts down to prevent things like auto theft, that is a great thing. This technology exists already with services like OnStar. This is another example of the move toward automation that, despite some of the concerns it may bring in relinquishing certain controls, functions like this are certain to reduce things like theft and high speed chase scenarios.

Marketing in Your Car

Technology already exists that creates a wi-fi signal in your car. Certain care makes and models have this built in but you can also purchase a device to install in your car to facilitate this. While the immediate use is to allow you to connect your devices and stream without needing to use your cellular network signal, you can bet this functionality will be used for other purposes. You currently see ads basically anytime you are on a website whether it is on Facebook with paid posts or on other websites with remarking banners. When in-car internet is common-place, marketers will be able to customize ads based on your location and even your driving. Moreover, you may get targeted ads right through the audio in your car.

Parental Controls

Parents and Guardians everywhere can appreciate a technology that allows them to limit their children access to inappropriate media or inappropriate use of devices while driving. Intelligent navigation systems can bow be set with parental controls that can limit access to car features like wifi or even radio. Additionally and to reduce distracted driving, parents can add devices that limit cells phone capabilities when the car is in motion. Working in conjunction with smart phone apps, limiting or eliminating incoming and outbound call and texting can put parents of teen drivers at ease.